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Open House Story

After Kyle Allen’s freshman year at the University of Arizona he had a big idea to help agents with their marketing problems. Everyone knows how hot it gets in Arizona around the year so he started helping agents put out their signs saving them from sweating in their nice dress clothes. After doing this Kyle found out how to get more people to the open house using techniques with the sign placement. When we install open house signs for our agents we are thinking about the driver; how fast they are going, where they drive, the times they are out and about. This helps us create a map of where to install the open houses for your event. Our customers love our service and have amazing things to say about us.

Open House Sign Packages

Direct people to your open house without the hassle! Pick the Package that is right for you.

Tiny Open House


  • 15 Signs
  • 1 Major Intersection
  • Surrounding Neighborhood

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Full Open House


  • 50 Signs
  • 4 Major Intersections
  • Surrounding Neighborhood

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How Does It Work?

Learn how to increase foot traffic at your open house without breaking a sweat.

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    Pick your package

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    Let RBB know where and when

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    Relax and have your open house taken care of

    Your signs will be strategically placed around the area of your open house with no setup time wasted by you!

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